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Bradford University's Green Student Village

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Recently planted onto University of Bradford terrain is an ambitious, new eco-friendly student village, aptly set around a lovely central pond. Its opening will certainly claim a queue amid the more eco-oriented of the pupils but even for those not so keenly green, the village still has plenty of appeal. BBC News reports the £40m snazzy settlement's got 1,026 townhouse and apartment bedrooms with patios and gardens. Some even come complete with a built-in barbecue. Student accomodation? Who'd have guessed it?

Student can easily track their energy and water usage on displays and 'even receive low-usage rebates on thir bills.' With not a rubbish bin in sight, seperating and recycling waste will be pretty much mandatory for residents and for those new to the sustainability trade, a team of ambassadors will stay handy around the area to help them help the environment. Now here's the best part - residents wlll be significantly reliant on solar energy to partially supply them with hot water and much more. Ah, and the central pond? Aside from serving as a thing to marvel at perhaps, it'll have its uses collecting rainwater. Sounds a bit like a greengoer's paradise (I may consider transferring to this here university!)

Maybe eco-friendly initiatives are soon to be prevalent on the academic front, for Queen Emma Primary School, Cambridgeshire's 'greenest' school, is scheduled to fully open its gates a month from now. Intriguing eco features include 'harvesting rainwater to flush lavatories' (so British downpour you're not totally tactless), a water drainage system in wetland, a scented garden, and an outdoor classroom (again, just watch that sporadic downpour.)

What better place to inspire eco-friendliness than academic institutions, hotbeds of wisdom and new ways of thinking?

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