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Which 10 money-saving eco products you don't need

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Still feeling the pinch of the recession and with increasing energy prices, it's understandable to want to invest in products that are eco-friendly and that help save pennies. However, as consumer group Which? now can reveal some of the products on the market might not be the best way to save money.

Which? has identified 10 eco products that it claims might not offer worthwhile savings for consumers. Published in the August issue of Which? magazine, the investigation claims that you can avoid wasting up to £535 by avoiding the products.

So what are the 10 eco products you don't need?

1. Freeloader Classic £40

2. Vphase Voltage Optimisation Device £300

3 & 4. Disposable Battery Chargers - Battery Wizard Deluxe and Battery Charger for Alkaline Disposable Batteries £30-£35

5. Ecotek Energy Wizard £25

6. TreeGreen energyEGG £40

7. Standby Saver £17

8. Mira Eco Shower Head £35

9. Nordic Galant Shower Head £40

10. Window Insulation Kit by Stormguard £8

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