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Will You Be My Eco Valentine?

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If you're planning on celebrating Valentine's Day this month, why not make it more eco-friendly. One way of doing it would be to create your own cards instead of opting for mass-produced cards with impersonal poems of love, or give a whole plant instead of a bunch of cut-off flowers.

If you are struggling for ideas of ethical gifts to get your love we've put together these handy gift guides for him and her.

But here are a few tips for a greener Valentine's Day:

- If you're buying a card, make it one made out of recycled paper. Or earn brownie points and make your own!

- Looking for flowers? Buy locally grown ones or if your sweetheart has green fingers why not give him or her a 'grow-your-own' set. Or buy a lovely plant that will bloom many times over.

- Buy fair-trade, ethically or locally produced chocolate - cocoa can be the big eco sinner so choose well.

We of course love presents - who doesn't - and with a bit of thought it is possible to buy or make something that truly shows your affection. Or you could do something romantic like going for a walk or running a bath for your other half.

Happy Eco Valentine's Day!

Valentine's gifts for him.

Valentine's gifts for her.

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