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All I want for Christmas 3 December: a real Christmas tree

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Downing Street Christmas TreeI don't know about you, but for me there is no Christmas without a real Christmas tree. And it seems like many of you out there may agree, as over six million real trees are bought every year in the UK.

A real tree doesn't only bring holiday cheer into your house; filling each room with a delightful scent; it also many other positive uses.

Christmas trees provide a great source for production of oxygen, each acre of trees producing enough oxygen for the daily need of 18 people! Also if you buy your tree from a certified BCTGA grower you can be certain they are sustainably grown and haven't caused any damage to local wildlife. And with the growing availability of potted or rented trees, you don't even need to cut one down - simply chose which one to get, and either plant it in your garden after Christmas or send it back to the farm until next season. Read more about how to best care for your real tree and recycling here.

Earlier this week, London received its annual Norwegian Christmas tree for Trafalgar Square, and today the BCTGA are delivering a 16ft tree to 10. Downing Street - a tradition that has been going for over a decade. Now it's up to Prime Minister Cameron and his helpers to decorate it beautifully.

Photo: www.christmastree.org.uk

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