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Is this the world's smallest and greenest computer?

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ecopc.pngPaul Ridden Writes: Not only does the Fit-PC 2.0 make claims to be the world's smallest fully functioning PC but also to be the greenest. I can't remember seeing anything smaller (and I've seen a LOT of PCs) so that's one claim that I can't argue with. The PC is 115mm by 101mm by 27mm, so if you've seen anything smaller that provides the same or similar specs, feel free to leave a comment!

The makers claim that it uses less energy than a low energy light bulb (just 5-9W full load) so that's the second claim looking good! "It is not just 20% more efficient, or even 50% more efficient.. Fit-PC 2.0 uses 90% LESS energy than a standard desktop PC," according to the manufacturer's website.

And you don't need to worry about compromising on specs, at the unit's heart is Ultra-Low Power Intel Atom Z510/530 Processor, 1Gb of DDR2 RAM and a 160Gb (replaceable) SATA HDD. The main board is lead-free, there's no cooling fan (so it's quiet), the case is made of strong but light anodized aluminium which is splash and dust resistant and the unit can run Windows and Linux. As well as 4 USB ports, the unit also sports a mini SD card slot, an ethernet LAN port and WLAN connectivity, line in/line out audio and a DVI port.

One suggested placement option on the website caught my eye - "mount it on the back of your flat-screen TV, with a wireless keyboard/mouse and use it as both your 42" Monitor home PC and also your Always-On Media + Download Centre!"

The machine can be supplied without HDD, with Linux loaded or with Windows loaded - check the website for prices and availability.

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