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Pocket power from Kinesis K3

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k2_product.jpgYou like the idea of getting a green charger for your MP3 player or mobile phone and solar sounds good - but you live in the UK so bright sunshine is not something you can rely on. What to do? A company called Kinesis Industries is about to launch a product that may just have the answer!

Not only does the Kinesis K3 charger soak up the sun (when it's available) but it also features its very own wind turbine. It's a very portable 78 x 236 x 8mm and has LED indicators on the side to let you know just how much sun or wind has been turned into energy.

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That energy is then stored on a rechargeable lithium ion battery until you need it. It's fashioned so that it can be used standing up, laying down or hanging around, it's waterproof, has storage inside the body for all your adapter tips and can provide enough power to fully charge your mobile around 5 times and your MP3 player around 10 times! On just an hour's solar or wind soak up it can give your mobile phone enough juice for about 30 minutes of talk time and your MP3 will be bashing out tunes for over 300 minutes. And it's green too, lime green...

It's on my 'gotta have it' list but is not due for release in the US until June so I might have to wait a while. More information here.

Paul Ridden

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