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Spotify compiles 'darkness' playlist for Earth Hour

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spotify-logo.jpgTo the uninitiated, Spotify is the latest musical phenomenon to hit the internet and in a gesture that's as green as its logo, the service has joined up with WWF (the panda people, not the wrestlers) to provide a soundtrack for the charity's Earth Hour event.

Earth hour aims to send the message to world leaders that people are serious about climate change by encouraging millions of people to turn off their lights at the same time for 60 minutes - on Saturday 28th March at 8:30pm. Spotify will provide an hour long playlist of darkness themed songs to keep spirits up while you keep tripping over bits of cabling...

It's a pretty eclectic playlist, as you'd expect from a group of songs that only have a couple of words in common. You get the likes of City of Blinding Lights juxtaposed with Back to Black and Spirit in the Dark.

It's neat, but we can't help wondering whether encouraging millions of people to use their PCs as power-hungry jukeboxes for an hour overshadows the message of having the lights out. Perhaps when Spotify release their mobile version we can both make a stand and be more energy efficient.

[Via Tech Digest]

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