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Organic chewing gum in supermarkets soon

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chicza-chewing gum.jpgYou may have sometimes heard chewing gum referred to as 'chicle', which is because gum originally came from a tropical evergreen tree called Manilkara chicle before the present day, synthetic sort became common. And now, a small cooperative in the Mexican rainforest is hoping to ressurect the chicle industry by selling the natural gum as an organic, sustainable product that's also fully biodegradable - unlike the unsightly stuff that's spat on to our pavements costing millions in street cleaning each year.

Chicza gum, which will be available in supermarkets soon, is made from the natural sap of the tropical trees which are not harmed by the process, and need to be kept alive and healthy to keep providing gum. A great way to save the rainforest!

[Via Treehugger]

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