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London's Black Cabs to become Green Taxis

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london_taxi.jpgLondon's iconic Hackney cabs have been subject to plenty of makeovers in the past, but never before has anyone tried to make them greener. At present, the taxis run on diesel, and aren't especially efficient but all this is about to change: the Chinese automaker that co-owns the company that produces black London taxis, has met UK government officials about bringing electric-powered cabs to the UK capital. This would result in a fleet of super-green plug-in taxis that could play a major role in reducing the capital's carbon emissions; a prospect that Mayor Boris is already pretty excited about. Current estimates put the rollout of the first 'green' black cabs at being only a year away. Let's just hope there'll be people who can afford to pay the fares by then!

[Via the Londonist]

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