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Preparing the autumn garden: leaf mould

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leaf mould.jpgIf you're the proud owner of an organic veggie patch or like to grow beautiful plants, leaf mould is an excellent natural soil improver, lawn conditioner and mulch that you can start making around this time of year. You can't buy it anywhere in the shops, so if you want to give you garden an advantage, read on over the jump to find out how to make your own.

1. Collect up some leaves after a shower of rain and pack tightly into jute leaf sacks.

2. Use after 1 year for mulch or after 2 years for seed compost.

3. Small leaves like oak and hornbeam decompose fastest. Large coarse leaves like sycamore and horse chestnut take a little longer.

If you're looking for biodegradable, well-priced jute sacks, head over to Hen & Hammock, where you can pick up two bags for £3.

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