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Free your music with new Baylis Eco media player

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bayliss_mp3.jpgThe new MP3 player from Trevor Baylis, powered entirely by renewable energy (i.e. your own frantic winding efforts) has finally arrived, allowing you to take your music anywhere without the need for batteries. And it looks pretty cool too, with an improved, streamlined design (compare with the old, slightly clunkier look). Now, I'm hoping to get my hands on one of these beauties as soon as possible to witness for myself windup technology meeting the digital age, but until I do, follow the jump to find out what the new model can do.

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Like your average iPod, Zen or similar, the Eco media player doesn't only play digital music files, it also displays photos, is compatible with iTunes and has an integrated phone charger. It has a 4 to 8GB memory, with the option to upgrade by an extra 4GB on an SD card. But by far the most useful property of the player is the fact that you know it'll never run out on you during long train journeys!

The Eco Media Player will be available at Ethical Superstore early next week at the price of £129.99

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