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Free water-saving kit from Ecover and Water Aid

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ecover_water_aid.jpgUsing Ecover products helps you to reduce your 'chemical splash' and keep things clean without polluting in the process. But what about the amount of water you use to do those chores? Ecover have all sorts of inspirational goodies on offer to make sure we waste as little as possible. Follow the jump to find out how to get your free water-saving kit, complete with stickers and more...

Ecover are concerned about the amount of water we use around the house and while cleaning, so they've teamed up with Water Aid to help tackle some of the problems caused by drought in the developing world. As part of their research, they visited Ethiopia to find out about the impact of water and sanitation projects and how they help communities affected by a lack of clean water. You can read about what they discovered here.

They've also put together a pack that aims to remind us how we can change our behaviour. To receive your watercare pack -- complete with a Hippo water saver for your toilet, information booklet and some fun stickers, simply fill out your details here.

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