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Top eco-friendly uses for soda water

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soda.jpgSince I've been editing hippyshopper, I've been amazed to discover how many safe and non-toxic everyday substances work wonders around the house, and are more than sufficient for the jobs we tend to give use harsh chemicals for.

I thought I'd already got the set, but then I discovered another un-sung wonder substance: soda water. Read on after the jump to discover its hidden powers...

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• For stains on carpet or clothing, try pouring on a little soda water, then dab gently until the stain is gone. This works best when the stain is fresh. You can also add salt, if the stain is particularly stubborn

• Use it to make an inexpensive, healthy fruit soda for children by mixing equal amounts of your favorite fruit juice with ice-cold soda.

• Remove stains from coffee mugs with soda. Fill the cup with soda and let it sit for a while, then rub with any type of towel to remove stains.

• soda also works well for removing stains from silver items.

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