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Katharine Hamnett says 'Save the Sea'

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save_the_sea.jpgEco designer extraordinaire Katharine Hamnett has turned the focus of her attention to the aquatic world with her latest collection (well, 'slogan'), which bears the legend 'Save the Sea'.

"We get 98% of our oxygen from the sea; the sea is dying because of pollution and environmental degradation", warns Hamnett, who has created the new range of oversized (it's an '80s thing) tops in association with the Environmental Justice Foundation's campaign against a practice called pirate fishing, which I'm sad to say involves neither dressing up or Johnny Depp.

Follow the jump to find out where to buy these red hot designs

You can buy the tops for £40 exclusively from EJF here, with all proceeds going towards the charity's outstanding work on the environment and human rights. The shirts themselves are available in men's and women's designs, and from 100% organic cotton and printed with Soil Association certified inks.

At EJF's store, you'll also find some ultra hip exclusive designs by Luella Bartley, Betty Jackson and Christian Lacroix.

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