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Beauty review: Purely organic lavender and palmarosa facewash from Edible Beauty

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purely organic facewash.jpgIt's become my mission to test out every single organic facewash going (hey, we all need an ambition in life) and am happy to say that people seem eager to aid me in this quest. This week, I was sent a sample of Purely organic lavender and palmarosa face wash by Edible Beauty, and have just put it through the 'mascara test' to see how well it copes with removing makeup.

My verdict: this is a natural cleanser containing no parabes or SLS, so I was impressed with how quickly it lathered up. The scent is fresh and floral, and as soon as it hits the skin, you can tell it's a very mild product.

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This very mild quality was particularly noticable when I scrubbed at my eyes to remove my mascara, since (ruthlessly ignoring the rules on the pack!) I did get some of the cleanser in my eyes and experienced no stinging or redness whatsoever. After a short scrub, my skin felt deeply cleansed and very soft, almost as though it had been exfoliated, but with no moisture loss. And as the resident dry-skinned 30-something in the office, that's quite a feat!

Purely organic lavender and palmarosa face wash is available from Edible Beauty for £5.99.

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