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Save water at home by 'harvesting' the rain

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We Brits are used to whinging about the water that never seems to stop falling from the sky, so why not turn the Monsoon-like weather into something positive this summer?

One way to do this is by 'harvesting' rainwater, making use of this ever-abundant resource and freeing your household from reliance on mains water. It used to be difficult to do this if you didn't have a lot of space, but now there are plenty of options for rainwater collection, with harvesting units available from specialist companies like RainWater Harvesting. Specially-installed collection tanks can help you out in your water-saving quest -- whether you live in a city flat or a rural smallholding. Read on after the jump to find out what water-saving solutions are on offer.

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For those in smaller houses and flats, you'll need to find a unit that can sit in tight spaces that are open to the elements -- in my case, that would have to be my balcony, so I had a look around to see if anything would do the job. The most suitable turned out to be the new Rainwater H20G, available RainWaterHarvesting.co.uk, which requires minimal ground preparation and can fit into small spaces like sides of buildings, under patios or on balconies. A big plus for those of us in the rental market is that they are also easy to dismantle and light enough to carry away.

Another option (for those with a garden to speak of!) is the humble water-butt. You can either make a feature of these newly-trendy items -- Wayne Hemingway's amusing 'water butt butt', for example -- or install a more serious, underground collection tank holding up to 10,000 litres. Rainwater Harvesting has an extensive selection here.

All of these water storage units let you keep hold of rain water, which can then be used in toilets, washing machines, for watering gardens and washing cars, greatly reducing mains water usage and giving obvious cost and environmental benefits.

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