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More eco-friendly kettles on offer

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siemens-insulated-kettle.jpgWhen we conducted our energy efficient kettle trial a year ago, there were really only two big players on the market: Tefal's Quick Cup and the Powergen Ecokettle. Our review quite literally caused a storm in a teacup, with many Hippyshopper readers bemoaning the 'not quite boiling' water produced by the Tefal, and questioning its status as a 'kettle'. So I'm pleased to say that a crop of new kettles has sprouted this year, each with a different claim to greenness. Let's take a look at what's on offer.

The insulated kettle (pictured) manufactured by Siemens is designed by Porsche. But does it go from 0 to boiling in sixty seconds? Not quite, although the two minutes it does take isn't bad, and its thermally insulated body will keep boiled water hot for longer. I like the fact that it won't boil until the lid is firmly shut: leaky lids are an all too common cause of energy loss in cheapo kettles. This one certainly ain't cheap at £79.95

Read on for info on the new eco-friendly kettles by Morphy Richards and Philips

morphy richards ecolectric kettle.jpgThe Morphy Richards Ecolectric Kettle is brand new (and we've currently awaiting a test model to try out on the discerning tea drinkers in the office!)

The ecolectric kettle boasts a 24% energy reduction, due to a dual temperature gauge which can be set at 85% for coffee and herbal tea, or at boiling point for tea. It also has a removable limescale filter which is a huge bonus when it comes to cleaning. The price is pretty good too, at £34.99

Philips has just launched a whole range of energy-efficient kettles. It claims that they'll save up to 66% of energy, but is slightly vague about how this is achieved. From the literature I've been shown on the not-yet-released models, they seem to follow a similar principle to the Ecokettle, with features that encourage you to boil only the water you need.

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