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Panorama puts Primark on the rack: Monday, 9pm

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primark oxfort street.jpgAfter Channel 4's eleventh-hour decision to pull sweatshop exposé The Devil Wears Primark, it looked like nobody could touch the high street home of suspiciously low prices. But truth will out on Monday, as the BBC has stepped in where its rival left off, with an in-depth investigation into Primark's treatment of its overseas workers.

Research for the Panorama documentary has already led to the chain cutting ties with three suppliers that were found to be exploiting children and forcing workers of all ages to assemble the clothes in filthy, often dangerous conditions.

Reporter Tom Heap visited the three factories in India, posing as an industry buyer, and captured footage that is shocking even to those of us only too aware of what goes on in the fashion world's murkiest depths. The gruelling hours and insalubrious conditions are a far cry from the Primark-approved and inspected factories the company wants us to know about; breaking promises on child labour, working hours and wages.

If you'd like to see the hippyshopper take on the issues raised by the discoveries, I was interviewed for the programme along with two of my colleagues from our fashion blog Catwalk Queen, and will be giving my views on the situation that Primark has landed itself in during the show.

Panorama: Primark on the Rack can be seen on BBC One at 9pm on Monday 23 June

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