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The Myhab: mud-proof fallout shelter for festivals

myhab3.gifYou don't need to have been paying too much attention to the festival scene over the last few years to have noticed that, as idyllic as the picture in your head may have been when you booked your tickets, things can sometimes go a little bit wrong. If it's not tents being submerged in mud and water, it's the apparently insurmountable variety of problems associated with outdoor lavatoriums.

Well, consider such problems behind you, as long as you don't mind shelling out. Basically, myhab is a shelter made of recycled plastic and waterproof cardboard. Fear not, the cardboard is all inside the myhab, and having checked it out myself at the product launch the other night, I can confirm that this habitat is extremely durable. Unlike a tent, the Myhab is essentially biodegradable, avoiding the problems associated with rogue tent pegs and plastic sheeting littering the countryside after festival season is over. So what's it like inside?

Inside there are a couple of tough but comfy foam mattresses, plus a little lockable deposit box where you can stash your stash valuables. Another good idea is that the myhab is specifically designed to stay cool during those hungover summer mornings, but warm at night. And if the sun really starts beating down, there's a door at each end to allow plenty of ventilation.

The brainchild of James Dunlop, myhab grew from the final year project of his Product Design degree at Bristol UWE. Having gained investment from city firm MINT, Dunlop is now combining his design abilities and entrepreneurial spirit to provide an alternative to all those tents that get sent to landfill sites every year. "It feels a bit like an extended dissertation," he laughed when I asked him how he was enjoying his new career.

If you order a myhab, you can expect it to be erected ready for your arrival, and dismantled after you leave - when it'll be prepared for its next occupant at the next event. And while you're at the festival, you also get access to myvillage, which has the holy grail - hot showers and spotless toilets.

Having been trialled at a few festivals last year, this year sees myhab rolled out in earnest, with spots booked at Carling Weekend, Latitude, T in the Park, Connect, Wickerman, Oxegen, Electric Picnic and End of the Road. If you want to nab one you'd better get a move on though - when I spoke to Dunlop he said Electric Picnic had sold out its quota already.

What's the downside? Well, I mentioned the term "shelling out", didn't I? The myhab is priced at £120 per person, however long the festival you're attending runs for. On top of your festival ticket and transport that's a fair whack - but that also includes access to those precious myvillage showers and loos.

Learn more about myhab and order your festival accommodation [Via My Chemical Toilet]

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