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Ben & Jerry's Chunky Monkey goes Fairtrade

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Fairtrade Chunky Monkey (2).JPGBen & Jerry's has added another classic flavour to its family of fairtrade ice creams: Chunky Monkey has become the latest variety to be granted certification.

If you've not had the pleasure of sampling it, Chunky Monkey is a mix of cream and chocolatey bananas, with chunky walnuts thrown in too. Ben & Jerry's is now working with the El Guabo banana producers' assocation in Ecuador, whose Vice-President Silvia Arevalo said: 'thanks to this co-operative, lives have been changed. Our farmers have guaranteed European sales for their bananas at a stable price all year round. If you want a fairer world you can make it happen...by helping disadvantaged producers, buying their products and spreading the Fairtrade message.'

Great to know that my favourite aspect of summer indulgence can now be entered into with a clear(er) conscience; the only question I want to ask is where on earth are they going to fairtrade monkeys? ;-p

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