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World's first green keyboard powered by you

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Thumbnail image for Green keyboard2 (2).JPGToo attached to your PC to get out and do anything for the planet? Fear not, as now you can save the planet as you email, thanks to a keyboard that powers your computer through the movement of your own industrious hands - forget the forests, and fight the battle on Facebook, by saving energy with the Dynamo keyboard from Iwantoneofthose.

When typing on the Dynamo keyboard from IWOOT, the kinetic energy produced from your usage is transferred to your PC, and stored as electricity which, in true eco-friendly form, powers the whole unit. You don't even have to plug your PC into a socket! It's the ultimate way of using your desktop wirelessly, where you can the maximum performance of your hulking beast, but used just like a laptop. The only restrictions on this groundbreaking piece of technology is that you must not use the keyboard if you are more than 6ft 2" or are lactose intolerant.

Of course, the harder you bash the keys, the more energy is generated, which will improve the screen's brightness. At £59.99, it's worth every penny.

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