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What you can do for Earth Day (without leaving your PC)

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green computing_thumb[6].jpgIt feels like the first day of Spring today, perhaps because of global warming, perhaps because the Earth is trying its best to behave on its special day. Now, I've already given my tuppence on Earth Day, but if you're less of a cynical old stick than I am, you might still want to celebrate 18 years of marking the environmentally aware event. What better way to do this than at your computer?

I've joined forces with the dark side as those gadget freaks at Shiny Shiny have compiled some fun, green activities that you can do from your desk; all sites that are well worth looking into if you haven't yet got around to it. I've added a few of my own for extra Earth Day points. Do send us any we've missed!

• Switch your default search engine to Ecocho for the day - go on, it works as well as google (ok don't quote me on that but it appears to) and they'll plant two trees for every 1000 searches made.

• Give to the needy with a single click over at The Hunger Site, The Animal Rescue Site and the Child Health Site.

• Swap and barter with your wardrobe over at What's Mine Is Yours. You'll earn loads of clothing karma points, and clear some cupboard space at the same time.

• Find out how many earths you'd need to sustain your carbon footprint (this one scares me - I'm not sure I'm ready to know the truth!)

• Check out other people's Eco-pledges on this map.

• If you've not done so already, what are you waiting for? Join your local Freecycle group today

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