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Top 10 eco-friendly uses for salt

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bowl_of_salt.jpgCutting down on salt in your diet will do your body a lot of good, but it's surprisingly useful in other walks of life.

Follow the jump for our list of alternative uses for salt, from a magic method of cleaning up cracked eggs, to soothing body treatments. All of these pieces of wisdom will give you a healthier use for this cheap and plentiful substance, and will help you cut down on your use of chemicals at the same time.

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1. Pick up a dropped egg. Strange but true: if an egg breaks on the kitchen floor, sprinkle salt on the mess and leave it there for 20 minutes. You'll be able to wipe it right up.

2. Soothe a bee sting. Wet the sting right away, then cover it with salt (it's as effective and no more likely to sting than many over-the-counter remedies

3. Clean up oven spillages. If food boils over onto the oven floor, sprinkle salt on top to stop smoke and odor from forming. When the oven is cool, it'll be easy to brush away the spot.

4. Set colour. If you're worried about a dye running, soak the garment for an hour in 1/2 gallon of water to which you've added 1/2 cup vinegar and 1/2 cup salt. If rinse water shows color, repeat.

5. Test for rotten eggs. Put an egg in a cup of water to which you've added two teaspoons of salt (the detail so many people forget!). A fresh egg will sink, but one that's iffy will float.

6. Clean the brown spots off the bottom of your iron. Sprinkle salt on a sheet of waxed paper, slide the iron across it, then rub lightly with silver polish.

7. Soothe away scratches, rashes and cuts on the skin by adding as much or as little salt to your bath as you want. This is also an excellent method for relieving and shrinking the embarrassing problem of hemorrhoids.

8. Clean tea and coffee stains from china cups: Simply rub them with salt.

9. Keep potatoes and apples from turning brown once they're sliced. Put them in salted cold water.

10. Use it as a natural herbicide for weeds and grass growing in cracks in the cement or between patio stones. Sprinkle salt on the grass and pour very hot water over it. Or sprinkle coarse salt on the grass, let stand all day or overnight, then pour hot tap water over it.

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