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No wind-up: the self-powered vibrator

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solar vibrator.jpgNow, I don't have a lot of luck with solar-powered gadgets, so I've gotta admit I'd be wary about putting this one to the test. Having your iPod die while you're listening to your favourite song is one thing...in the middle of a session with your, um, "love toy" quite another. But sure enough, some women are getting their rocks off from pure solar stimulation, with this solar powered vibrator.

At first glance, the solar sensations bullet vibrator looks much like a mobile phone. At second glance: still like a mobile phone. Which I guess gives it points for subtlety. As with all solar gadgets, the theory is that it will work after exposure to natural or artificial light, and will then "go for hours" (2.5, to be precise). Convinced? It'll set you back $31

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