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Earth Day 2007: will you be celebrating?

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earth day cookies.jpgI tend to think that Earth Day should be every day, but if you want to celebrate environmentally aware living in your own special way, the event is coming up on the 22nd April.

As an example of Earth Day celebrations, I just had to share these scrumptious-looking 'Earth Day Cookies' made by a bakery in the states called Organic Style. In every reusable tin, so we're told, you'll find 24 biscuit-crisp sugar cookies cut in symbol and animal shapes to remind us to celebrate the earth. I'm not so sure it would remind me to celebrate the earth as much as pig out, but they do look lovely, don't they? Follow the jump for information on more events to coincide with Earth Day here in the UK

The London Green Funeral Exhibition

Morbid as it sounds, the Green Funeral Exhibition, organised by naturaldeath.org.uk is bound to be a hoot with the likes of David Bellamy taking part. The event, which takes place on Saturday 19th April in London WC1, will show case current trends in eco-funerals as well as staging the debate around 'How any Funeral may be made more green'.

Thames clean up

On Earth Day itself, 50 intrepid members of staff at City & Guilds are heading down to the River Thames in Greenwich, London, to clear rubbish from the shores of the River Thames. You can volunteer too! The website promises a fun day for all of those involved, even if you are, essentially, picking up rubbish.

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