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Dame Judi Dench protests against Eco Town

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dame judi dench.jpgThere's recently been something of a kerfuffle over "eco towns"; Gordon Brown's plan for a smattering of idylic-sounding and supposedly carbon neutral villages and towns across the UK.

And now, Dame Judi Dench has added her voice to numerous protests which have sprung upat several of the sites shortlistest for development in an announcement last week. So why do so many want to take issue with new housing, which the government promises will be built to the 'highest available environmental standards?' In most cases, 'unsuitable locations' have been cited as cause for complaint, and that's Dame Judi's beef with a proposed new town near William Shakespeare's birthplace in Stratford-Upon-Avon.

Dame Judi is concerned that placing the town so close to the Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Statford-Upon-Avon would put one of Britain's most culturally significant heritage sites in jeopardy. She says, "Stratford is a jewel in the crown of the nation's heritage. There can be very few places in the world of such cultural significance as the town in which the world's greatest dramatist lived and worked. It is folly to put this at risk.

"Having appeared in more than a dozen productions in the town over a period of 40 years, I am very concerned about the potential impact the new eco-town will have on the town and its famous theatre".

She went on to stress that she was not opposded to the idea of eco towns per se, but objected to the placing of this one.

[Via Female First]

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