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Curse of the Post Office red rubber band

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red post office rubber band.jpgThere are people all over the UK getting up in arms about a seemingly recent problem inflicted on us by our postmen: the dropping of red rubber bands on our pavements, garden paths and porches. In one unfortunate case, one of the bands was seen around the neck of a duck. So what's going on?

Rumours about postmen dropping the items in order to 'find their way home' have circulated, but more worryingly, some postmen have claimed off-the-record that they are advised to drop the rubber bands which they are told will 'biodegrade'; a theory we are going to conduct an experiment to test in coming weeks. We've got a genuine, Post Office issue rubber band immersed in water in our kitchen and will be monitoring its progress.

So, have you encountered this 'plague' of rubber bands? Have there been more of them recently, and what are you doing about this? You could always make a rubber band ball or collect them for future use, but that's only if they haven't already been chanced upon by a passing animal or bird.

Or do you work for the Post Office and can confirm or deny the rumour that employees are being instructed to simply discard the bands where they fall? We need to know!

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