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'Mister Splashy Pants' emerges as clear favourite in Greenpeace whale-naming competition

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mister%20splashy%20pants.jpgGreenpeace could never have predicted the excitement they'd cause when they put up an online poll to name and as-yet anonymous whale. More than 11,000 possible whale names were submitted, including 'Aiko', 'Shanti' and 'Suzuki' but one clear winner is emerging: 'Mister Splashy Pants'. which currently holds 76% of the vote.

Several blogs, including boingboing and The Agitator have picked up the story, urging readers to vote for the name and there are even rumours of foul play, with an unknown user in Arizona 'clicking frenzy that was to change the face of the competition.'

Voting was due to close tomorrow, but due to popular demand (and perhaps vain hope on Greenpeace's part that the inevitable won't happen and their whale will get a respectable name), it will remain open until 7th December. Not very dignified for the poor creature, is it. I wonder what the RSPCA will have to say about this!

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