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"Fur is green", says barmy new website

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fur%20coat.jpgOne of the maddest things I've seen on the web for some time has to be this new marketing site from the Fur Council of Canada, claiming that fur is 'the ultimate eco clothing'.

If that wasn't preposterous enough a claim in itself, the strapline used on the site is 'protecting nature while pampering yourself'. Now, I'm sorry if I've missed something here, but in what way is cruelly trapping animals and stealing their skins in the name of fashion 'protecting nature'?

The council tries to make the case for fur by saying it's environmentally friendly, because it's a renewable resource, biodegradable, and that trappers have to have the interest of the land as their top priority because they depend on it. "Farmers who do not care for their animals will not remain in business very long", they say. Somehow, I don't think that will convince PETA...

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