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Top 10 things to say to eco-sceptics

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global%20warming%20denier.jpgI'm sick of being challenged on every minor attempt I make to live a greener lifestyle and it makes me sad that it's always the people/organisations that try to do something right that get criticized for not doing everything. So I've composed a quick list of comebacks to the top 5 anti-green sentiments I've heard expressed over the past few weeks. Do feel free to add your own!

1. "There's no proof that changing our actions will improve matters"

Look what happened to the hole in the Ozone layer when we stopped spraying aerosols around all the time.

Remember good news is always under-reported.

2. "I'm too cool to be green!"

Dude, you can't be that with-it if you haven't noticed that green is the new black...

3. "Al Gore's film had nine factual errors in it. I know. A judge said so!"

So do most cutting-edge scientific theories. That it wasn't a flawless account of what's happening should come as no surprise, but the bulk of what Gore said and his crucial message is strongly supported by scientists. It's certainly a lot more well researched and respected than alternative theories...

Follow the jump for more cutting retorts!

4."'Green' people lead such boring lives because they have to avoid air travel"

You don't have to give up flying altogether, but it's a good idea to think about alternative options when you're not travelling long haul. Long distance train travel is a hell of a lot of fun, and the scenery is much nicer. If you do have to fly for work, you might want to consider a carbon offsetting scheme, and since each generation of jets is more energy efficient than the last, we can be hopeful that air travel will soon get much greener.

5. "How come the summer was so grim if we're experiencing global warming?"

Global warming promotes a rainier climate, which is entirely in keeping with what we saw over the summer. Don't assume we're all going to be living in a tropical paradise.

6. "I can't afford a green lifestyle"

Not all greener options are more expensive. Clothes often are, but eco-friendly garments are built to last for ages. Many green lifestyle changes are positively cheaper - like turning your heating down a few degrees, avoiding using the car and growing your own fruit and veg.

"7. What difference can I make when the government continues to build more airports and generally do nothing concrete about cutting C02 emissions?"

This is a tough one to answer as it can make you feel like all your efforts are in vain. Be sympathetic and point out that voting for parties with greener policies is a choice we can all make, and our own efforts do count for a lot so don't be so hard on yourself!

"8. We'll all be dead before anything happens so why worry?"

Is global catastrophe a scenario you'd like to inflict on your children and their own children?

9. "Fair enough, but I don't want a brat anyway"

Then develop some compassion, you heartless monster!

"10. I'd never give up my car, because we can't even make the trains run on time as it is"

Another real bummer of an objection for anyone who's ever, well, got on a train but bear with me on this one. Going green doesn't have to mean the end of private transport, as car companies are currently working their butts off to produce better zero-emission vehicles. Until that time, it's quite easy to use a car responsibly.

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