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Promote your company ethically with All Green Promotions

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all%20green%20promotions.jpgIf you take your corporate social responsibility seriously, then All Green Promotions is a site you need to visit. From ringbinders and rulers to boomerangs and baseball caps, All Green Promotions provides a whole range of recycled, eco-friendly and fairly traded items upon which you can have your company logo printed. A wide variety of recycled materials is used in the production of their products, including recycled bottles, CD cases and rubber tyres.

I was very pleased to see that a site like this existed - although I have to say I did feel a small smile nudging the corners of my mouth at the idea of a very important CEO accessorising his or her office with old tyres! Joking aside, however, it's good to know that even when high-flying businessmen are out networking on the golf course, this site gives them the option of promoting their organisations with recycled golf tags and pitch mark forks...

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