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The green way to dry your hands?

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hand%20dryer%20small.jpgI've heard people get themselves into quite a tizzy over whether it's greener to dry your hands with tissue paper or by using a hand-dryer after a visit to the 'powder room', so I'm hopeful that this endlessly circular argument can finally be resolved with the introduction of a 'green' hand-drying machine.

The 'Veltia' hand-dryer is an energy-efficient alternative to the sort you normally find in bathrooms at work, in restaurants and in other public toilets. Instead of using hot air to dry your hands, it draws in cold air from the atmosphere, which dries your hands in as little time as 10-15 seconds. This reduces electricity usage quite considerably - by as much as two thirds.

Added to all this, the Veltia comes in nine lovely colours. So why not have a word with your employer and see if they'll consider greening up the washrooms. If they need extra convincing, just remind them of how much they could save in electricity bills! The Veltia is available from Green Planet Solutions.

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