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Government failing to implement flood prevention measures fast enough

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flood3.jpgIn the wake of a summer which saw many parts of Britain a bit too waterlogged for comfort, it is essential that Britain moves faster in its implementation of flood prevention recommendations, the Environment Agency's chief executive, Lady Young, warned yesterday.

After the summer's serious flooding, the Environmental Agency faced a deluge of criticism - to the extent that flood defence chiefs were told they should pay back the huge bonuses they'd received days before the flooding - when it was revealed that it had failed to meet both its key flood defence targets.

However, Lady Young was also at pains to stress that the level of torrential rain experienced in Britain was unexpected, and keen that it should be a case of learning from mistakes rather than pointing the finger over the cause of past disasters.

Insurers are pressing for the government to up its spending on flood defence measures, warning that homeowners and businesses in high risk areas may have difficulties obtaining insurance for their properties unless the government spends more than the £2.15bn promised.

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