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Top 10 green celebrities: Scarlett Johanssen, Sheryl Crow, Leo DiCaprio - the truth is in here

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The celeb world is in a frenzy as to who is the greenest of them all. But which stars really mean it? We take a look at some of the more recent entrants to the ecorazzi, and try to work out whether it's guilt, fashion or genuine concern motivating these 'green' celebs, and predict which ones will stay the course.

Follow the jump for our top ten list of green celebrities!

1. Leonardo DiCaprio

First celeb to turn up to the Oscars in a green limo, Leo sets an impressive standard when it comes to walking the walk. You can tell Leo is serious about the green message, as he has his own foundation dedicated to raising awareness of environmental issues through participation with major global organisations. He also has his own Eco Blog, which includes some guides to going green, an archive of Leo's speeches and a microsite for kids.

2. Heather Mills

Well established member of the ecorazzi and long time activist for vegetarianism, and animal rights. Has also campaigned extensively against the use of landmines. Heather is also one of PETA's biggest celebrity faces, and campaigns against the trade in dog fur (which is often passed off as fur from other animals), and particularly the live skinning of dogs. A true green.

3. Sheryl Crow

Ms. Crow provoked shock and outrage earlier in the year when she suggested we limit ourselves to one sheet of loo paper per 'session'. She later said she was joking, which in my opinion puts her slightly lower in the greenness stakes (is it really such a bad rule of thumb?) but on the whole, Sheryl is greener than most of her contemporaries.

4. Scarlett Johanssen

Scarlett has used her fame to act as mouthpiece for a number of ethical causes she feels passionate about, particularly women's rights. She also takes a hard line on those celebs who do boost their profiles with green claims, saying "You’re always going to have people who hop on the bandwagon when something is hip. The important thing to remember is that women and children in Africa need help and that has nothing to do with my career.” Go Scarlett!

5. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnie recently argued that the only way to get us all to go green is by making it sexy. I'm in total agreement here, but is the Terminator really the person to do it? Those challenges aside, Governor Schwarzenegger has done a lot to get California well on the way to being America's greenest state, with some fairly radical moves. On a personal level, Arnie is following the latest celeb fad and having all of his Hummers converted for bio-fuel consumption and is aiming to reduce CA Co2 output by 80%. Green status undecided.

6. Bill Gates

Another surprise new entrant to the Ecorazzi, Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates has shown his heart is in the right place on both the environment and ethical issues. He recently made an appearance at the Live 8 concert in London's Hyde Park in a bid to urge world leaders to do more to ease the problem of Africa's crippling debt and extreme poverty. Since making his fortune, Gates has pursued a number of philanthropic endeavors, donating large amounts of money (about 52% of his total fortune) to various charitable organizations and scientific research programs through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, founded in 2000. Go go Gates!

7. Sienna Miller

One of many celebs to take advice from 'Green Goddess' Fanny Calder, Sienna would appear to be 'into' the green thing at the moment. She's been involved with Global Cool's campaign and covers her bod with natural beauty products but is she a true green? This one needs to prove herself, methinks.

8. Fearne Cotton

Bubbly TV presenter Fearne Cotton is a recent Ecorazzi entrant, having thrown her support behind New Looks organic range as the face of the new range. The 'cotton' may be organic, but is this Cotton really green? Is Fearne as green as her name suggests? Well, the method she's chosen to document her green exploits is blogging with her Go Organic with Cotton site. At the moment, it appears to be a blog about festival fashion, which is all very well. But green? Hmm.

9. Chris Martin

It rather pains me to include Chris 'Coldplay' Martin in a list of ethical celebrities, not so much due to the blatant hypocrisy of driving a Chelsea Tractor while embracing every green fad under the sun, but more for his dreadful music, which has caused suffering to countless innocent bystanders. He has, however, been voted one of the Worlds Sexiest Vegetarians, and is so committed to fairtrade, that he even draws a green equal sign on the back of his left hand every day to remind him to talk about it. Green, or gaga?

10. Jeremy Clarkson
Only joking.

(Al Gore, Bob Geldof and Sting are exempt from this list on the grounds of having earned their green stripes so thoroughly that they've already guaranteed their place on history's big 'green carpet' of fame while Stella McCartney is out on the grounds that we couldn't have two McCartneys (former or otherwise) in one list. But we love and admire them all).

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