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PETA Protests on Living Conditions of Las Vegas chimpanzee


PETA will today stage a protest to draw attention to the plight of Terry, a chimpanzee in a Las Vegas Zoo. Terry is kept alone at the Southern Nevada Zoological and Botanical Park. PETA argue that this is in violation of the federal Animal Welfare Act which recognises the importance of social interaction in chimpanzee welfare.

During the protest a volunteer will crouch in a cage wearing a prison uniform and a chimpanzee mask. Others will hand out leaflets and raise a banner saying: "Give Animals in Zoos Their Independence."

PETA Director Debbie Leahy explains: "As it stands now, Terry's existence is akin to a life sentence with no parole--even though he has committed no crime. We're calling on the zoo to honor the spirit of the Fourth of July and start making arrangements now to transfer Terry to a sanctuary."

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