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No more water cooler conversations for Californians?

bottled%20water%20ban.jpgCalifornia has continued in its apparent quest to become America's greenest state, as San Francisco issued a ban to outlaw the use of bottled water in its city departments - even if it's for use in water coolers.

The move is intended to save taxpayers' money as well as to help the environment, in a state that currently sends a billion bottles to landfill each year.

I think this ban is a great idea, and I hope other states and countries will soon follow suit and do away with this thoroughly unnecessary luxury. To me, it's always been obvious that bottling water to sell in developed countries that have clean tap water of their own is a daft idea, and not only for the mugs that pay good money for it. You also need to factor in the pollution caused by flying water in from all around the world. San Francisco, we salute you.

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