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Male Organics - New all-man eco store


The average modern man uses around eight grooming and styling products a day, so Male Organics have stepped into the market to give us an all-male, all-organic and all-very-well-done online store. As well as good-old fashioned, and quite true, scare tactics about the 9,000 chemicals used in cosmetics, you'll also find a whole range of male hygeine, hair and skin products that don't contain the dangerous ones. You'll also come across some good gift ideas too. “Perhaps more worryingly,” Male Organics tell us, “ there is little research available on toxic chemical build up within the body and the effect this may have for your future health.”

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So if you’re an eco-man who knows what’s good for him, I suggest you click your way to Male Organics for a wide range of organic and natual products, plus some clever bits and bobs to help save on plastic, packaging and the like. Plus, check out their grooming guide. It’s informative, stylish and makes you feel like a man as you save the planet.

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