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Gareth Kane on the Great Live Earth Jamboree

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GK%20thumb.JPGCatching the end of the Live Earth concert in London, Gareth Kane asks what was that all about?

The weirdest moment of the BBC's coverage of Al Gore's Live Earth concerts was Jonathan Ross asking the Pussy Cat Dolls of their opinion of green politics in California. The PCDs, bless their little cotton hotpants, seemed convinced that Arnie "The Governator" Schwarzenegger" was the "mayor" and didn't seem to know much about anything else. I was left wondering cynically whether the Dolls had just been told by their management "Lots of rich treehuggers will be watching - get out there, shake your asses, and shift some units".

But the whole thing was pretty weird and I'm not just talking about the popularity of James Blunt. Beforehand, it was widely sneered at for burning loads of energy flying performers in and amplifying and lighting them as you do in a large concert. The "poverty" concerts (Live Aid, Live 8 et al), didn't get so much grief for spending huge amounts of money putting on big shows featuring extraordinarily rich people lecturing us about extremely poor people. So why pick on climate change?

The "message" didn't particularly come across well either. In the three hours or so that I watched, Al Gore's seven pledges didn't appear once. Maybe the BBC thought that this was too political (they got attacked for their "biased" view that poverty might just be a bad thing during Live 8), but we were left with Ross and various other "funnymen" wittering on about changing lightbulbs and switching off phone chargers. Sorry Wossy, that ain't going to make a big difference - try insulating your loft, buying local food and holidaying locally. Boring, but much more effective.

I switched off when Madonna shouted "If you want to save the planet, then make some NOOOOOOIIIIIIIIZZZZZE! It was as if Spinal Tap hadn't left the stage.

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