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Gardening Naturally with ladybird larvae

160606_LadybirdLarvae_big.jpgGardening isn't traditionally the greenest of pursuits, with pesticides, weed killers and all manner of chemicals designed to wipe out anything that threatens the plants. Luckily things are beginning to improve and people are starting to realise that not all bugs are pests. Gardening Naturally sell ladybird larvae, which will hunt down and mercilessly kill any aphids that dare to set feet on your precious plants. An adult ladybird lays 20 to 50 eggs per day, and they take 4 to 8 days to hatch, depending on the weather. Then it's history for any greenfly or blackfly in the vicinity. Eventually you will end up with some rather pretty ladybirds, which will continue to scoff the evil leaf eating bugs until they eventually hibernate around September/October time.

30 larvae will treat around 5sq.m and cost £9.95. The latest batch of larvae are available from the week commencing 30th July.

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