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Carnival of the Green blog roundup #87

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cotg1.gifWelcome to the 87th edition of Carnival of the Green, coming to you this week from Hippyshopper HQ.

With a little help from our friends in the ever-growing green blogosphere, we'll be covering everything environmentally focused that's made the news this week (as well as a few nuggets that haven't), keeping you well ahead of the game in environmentally friendly living. Thanks to last week's hosts AIDG.org for keeping the ball rolling last week! We'll be handing over to Nichomachus.net in a week's time.

Energy Saving: Five unusual ways to stay cool

If you're in the drenched and deluged UK, it's unlikely you'll need to use this information in the immediate future, but with the chaos we're experiencing amid the flooding, who knows what the weather might do next? Be prepared by reading Lighter Footstep's guide to staying cool by making some simple lifestyle changes that won't impact on the environment.

Weather wisdom from the insect kingdom

Sticking with the weather theme, there's wisdom aplenty at the Bean Sprouts Blog, a great little treasure-trove for sustainable gardening tips run by some keen allotment owners. Check out this post to discover what ants and slugs can tell you about the forecast for the day ahead. And while I'm singing the praises of the Bean Sprouts crew, they also have one of the best concise lists of 'reasons for eating organic' I've found on the web. Great for waving under the noses of those nay-sayers who mock you for spending that extra fifteen pence on your organic milk. Check it out!

Follow the jump for more green goodies from the Carnival!

Motoring: Time to get a new car?

A dilemma I've heard many motorists ponder is the question of buying a brand new 'green' car over an existing, second-hand model. A Prius may look greener at first glance, but will it make up for the energy used in its production? Triple Pundit's Pablo Paster did the maths, and has come up with a conclusive answer to this very current question. Or is it?

Housing: Platinum house draws in celebrity crowd

Over here, we've been getting quite excited about Gordon Brown's plans for grass-rooved council housing, but the latest celebrity pads in the States are a new ultra-chic Platinum variety featured here on Jetson Green, complete with rainwater reclamation system, enough panels to power all electricity and a complementary ford Hybrid car thrown in for good measure. A list of A-listers are already queuing for the first viewings of the California-based houses in the Autumn, including Cindy Crawford, John Cusak, David Duchovny, Toby McGuire, Laird Hamilton, Gabrielle Reece, and Ed Begley Jr. How's that for some 'razzi fodder?

Food: Know your farmers

By sourcing food locally and getting involved with the process, you'll find the experience brings more than just food, say the owners of the Expatriate Kitchen. Read their first-hand accounts of food-gathering in torrential rain, making friends with the animals on their local farm and the appreciation they gain from re-establishing that lost connection in a world of processed and packaged food.

Travel: A day in the life of an African villager

Veggie Review's Sally Kneidel gained a profound insight into life in a small African farming community during a recent stay on what she refers to as the 'magical continent'. Read her blog post on her experiences talking to members of the community about their frustrations at elephants trampling their crops and on the joys of caterpillars for lunch.

Green living for dummies

The Frugal Panda presents a foolproof, 8-part guide to going green for absolute beginners. This could be one to circulate round your office or discuss with your kids. Keep it bookmarked!

Peace One Day: 21st September

Natural Collection offer you another chance to watch the Peace One Day manifesto film from film-maker Jeremy Gilley, and the quest to establish an international day of ceasefire and non-violence, now established for 21st September, as agreed by each member state of the United Nations. If you've not yet seen the film, watch it here and make a commitment to be part of this positive force for change.

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