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Smart protesters use soft tactics to sap Ebay's power

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SS2BM (Summer Solstice to Blue Moon) is a campaign to lure buyers away from Ebay with special offers running between 21st-30th June. Many sellers are offering a 10% discount on items in an attempt to stem the perceived near monopoly of Ebay and Paypal over other online trading platforms. Alternative auction sites such as Tazbar.com and QXL.co.uk http://www.qxl.co.uk/ have joined up to the event and have provided special incentives for buyers and sellers alike. Tazbar have waived selling fees for the duration of the event and buyers will automatically be entered into a prize draw for a 19" LCD TV.

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The e-event is being run by Pheebay.com, which was formed in August 2006 by a group protesting against Ebay’s decision to dramatically increase seller’s fees and simultaneously reduce the visibility of ‘shop’ listings. Ebay said the hike in prices was to promote more people to use their auction service rather than their Ebay shops. Since the initial protest, Pheebay.com is more geared towards the promotion of alternatives to Ebay. This is soft protesting at its ultimate, but might do the trick. Pheebay have stayed away from guerrilla tactics, and include e-bay on their website.

A Pheebay spokesperson explains:
“It would be business suicide to completely boycott Ebay altogether. We generally encourage sellers to diversify their listings to other auction and marketplace websites, and most importantly, divert their Ebay buyers to these sites.

Sellers wishing to join the event should join up to the forums on Pheebay.com and post details of their auctions or websites they would like featured. You can do that by clicking here.

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