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The Wayne Hemingway Water Butt Butt

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waterbutt.jpgWe've joked about the unlikely challenge of making garden water-butts sexy in the past, but designer Wayne Hemingway has gone for the direct approach. Thanks to his creation, the 'Water Butt Butt" (did you see what he did there?) from July onwards you'll be able to feast your eyes on his gleaming buttocks all day long as you tend your roses. Like any water butt, the 'Butt Butt' is, of course, a great way to conserve water. But as the makers boast, it has the "unique feature of being in the shape of a human bottom".

If this all sounds too good to resist, you can pre-order your Butt Butt now, in time for the hosepipe ban. It's available in three different skin tone colours and is fitted with a tap. The front of the Butt Butt is flat allowing it to sit neatly against a wall or shed. It can be attached to the downpipe by using a rain diverter kit. [Via New Consumer]

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