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Maasai Treads - Don't throw rubber away, wear it!


They say they are destined to be the next Crocs. Well, they might need to paint them pink for that, but Fairtrade Maasai Treads are probably a much better use of rubber. The Kenyan made sandals use rejected new tyres which would have ended up on the scrap mountains. Based on a design that the Maasai people have worn for almost a century the shoes also provides people in the Kibera Slum with an income, now the largest slum in East & Central Africa and the second largest in the world.

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Very reasonably priced at £29.99 and featured on Jambo Jambo, who are the sole importers of Maasai products into the UK. Also, check out the Maasai Tread boots priced at £49.99. Brilliant!

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