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Celebrity Veggies

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alexandra83.jpgCelebrity diet trends come and go in a heartbeat but some famous folks are pursuing long term lifestyle choices such as vegetarianism and veganism. In a four part series Dawn Mellowship grills four celebs on their nutritional beliefs.

Alexandra Paul has starred in over 50 feature films and television programmes, Most notably Alexandra did a five year stint in Baywatch.

Why veggie? When I was 14 I read a book called Diet for a small planet by Frances Moore and she cited all the environmental reasons so I stopped eating meat and fish. Then I read a book called Animal Liberation by Peter Singer when I was 15 and I started to become aware of animal rights. When I was in my 20s I dated a man who was an animal rights activist and I gave up leather and stopped having products in my house that were tested on animals.

Misconceptions: “I think people think that it makes you weak and that you are not getting enough nutrition but I am an athlete, I am training for a 9 1/2 mile swim right now and I haven’t eat any animal or fish for 25 years.”

New World Perception: "I think that it has given me more of a gentle attitude because I try to do things with loving kindness and that includes what I eat, wear and use. It puts better vibes out there."

Societal Education: “There is still this feeling, especially among men that they need meat and I think people do not know what animals go through to get to their plate and if they did, they probably wouldn’t eat it. It’s not only the pain and suffering that the animals go through but the unhealthy conditions. I think people don’t understand the cruelty or health issues involved.”

An Inspiration? “My therapist became a vegetarian! She said after years of me seeing her, ‘I am a vegetarian, after hearing you talk.’ I don’t know what I said! Another friend of mine became a vegetarian. I don’t talk about it. I think its best not to preach about it because it makes people defensive.”

Fence sitters advice: “Shop at health food stores with a lot of fresh vegetables and organic food. Read books and cook books and you’ll see how many great beans and legumes there are that you never even thought to use.”

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