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David Cameron not a hit on YouTube - try Boris Johnson or an Otter next time Dave

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'Green' David Cameron's attempts to be down with the kids by harnessing new technology do not seem to be having the desired effect. At least, not if his YouTube video figures are anything to go by...

In his Webcameron series, the Tory leader talks elections, taxes, environmental issues and other political talking points, as well as answering viewers' questions on video, providing them with a rare opportunity to get close to their leader. But browsing YouTube tells another story: few want a one-to-one with Cameron, but his videos have fired the imaginations of a great many wannabe comedians.

The figures speak for themselves. Once you've scrolled past the numerous 'spoof' takes on Cameron's webcasts, the genuine video clips occupy a sorry space at the bottom of the ratings pile. A clip focusing on green taxes - surely the political hot potato of the day - has only clocked up 54 views, which is significantly less than the number of conservative party members (we've re-posted it here to help him get his hits up). Meanwhile, this Dave-a-like prankster has attracted over 25,000 views. Cameron's 'ask David' series seems to be struggling even more, with a one session getting only 159 hits in four months.

The most-viewed genuine broadcast on the site appears to be a tour around the shadow ministers' offices, in which Boris Johnson steals the show. Coming in with 6,600 views, even Boris's charm pales in comparison with this spoof, which appears to show Cameron smacking his children, clocking up over 14,000 views.

However, David's lack of popularity on YouTube could simply reflect his status as a human being: the vast majority of visitors to the site are apparently seeking relief in the form of cute animals, with the 'otters holding hands' video getting 5,083,742 views to date. Our suggestion? Future broadcasts should either be presented by Boris Johnson or an otter.

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