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Green(ish) credit card

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credicard4.jpgWe all know how un-ethical many banks tend to be, but now due to public awareness and therefore financial incentives, some banks are starting to offer more ethical products. One such product is the new green credit card from Barclaycard called Barclaycard Breathe.

The new card launches in the summer and will be different to existing Barclaycard products in a number of ways.
Statements will only be issued on-line and all advertising will be on-line only. Obviously this is better for Barclaycard too as it is much more cost-effective.
The Breathe cards will be made of more environmentally friendly materials.
Cardholders will get discounts and lower interest rates on energy saving products.
Even better though is the promise by Barclaycard to donate 50% of after-tax profits from Breathe to carbon emission reduction projects around the world.

It’s a good idea and no doubt will get many people applying for a Breathe card. It’s a simple step to take and will help the environment. People still need to shop ethically though, buying unnecessary products only uses energy and resources needlessly.

At least now we can spend money with a slightly easier conscience.

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