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How to get cheap(er) train fares across Britain

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train.jpgYesterday I found out how to escape Britain by train more cheaply - today I've discovered some ways to take advantage of the byzantine rail fare structure when staying inside the country, courtesy of some tips from the BBC.

Most of my friends think I'm mad for choosing to use the British train system to get around when I can drive, but green concerns aside I still have an idealised view of the way trains should run.

In my mind, train travel means that I can get on, stretch out, set my laptop up and work or read in peace while watching the countryside roll past.

Unfortunately, the reality more often seems to involve feeling ripped-off while cramped into uncomfortable seats, while moronic announcements play on never-ending loop and the heating malfunctions.

I'm not trying to put you off, just make the point that British rail travel - and its prices - need a serious overhaul. Until they get one, use the BBC's tips to take the sting out of those longer journeys.

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