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How to Build a Wind Turbine

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Hugh Piggot of Scoraig Wind Electric offers a week-long course from February 17 to 24, 2007, costing £480.00 (Excluding: VAT at 17.5%), on How to Build a Wind Turbine from scratch.  Covers accommodation, training and food, and is hosted by Womersley's & Amazon Nails (so is probably in the vicinity of Walkley Lane, Heckmondwike, but this isn't indicated).  Womersley's also has a variety of other interesting eco-relevant courses on natural paints, strawbale building, and lime mortar (starting at £65). In the mean time, you can just order his manual on building wind turbines for £11-£13 (depending on whether you're overseas).

Piggott recommends a variety of kits and turbine parts as part of the process of DIY energy generation. Has a number of testimonials basically saying his manual should be tons more expensive and that it's written so clearly as to bring tears to one's eyes. A turbine based on Piggott's guide has withstand [sic] typhoons already without any damage. [GT]

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