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Vegetarian and Vegan living

Should Vegetarians be pleased by the rise of Flexitarianism?

So what's your favourite horse meat joke? Here is mine? Why do Findus add cheese to their Lasagne? To Mascarpone... Picked yourself up from the floor laughing yet? Ok, so the whole horse meat saga has once gain highlighted some...more

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Home & Garden

Ecological Home: Eco-friendly Kitchen Appliances

Being eco-conscious can be a full time job. It's hard to keep on top of things sometimes; and when it comes to the home, there are so many opportunities to accidentally be bad for the environment. Kitchen appliances can...more

Animal welfare

Sad news of the week: Elephant poaching in Africa is 'out of control'

We'd really like to end the week with some more cheerful news, but it would be wrong not to mention this. According to new research, more than 11,000 elephants have been killed by ivory poachers in Gabon since 2004...more

Vegetarian and Vegan living

Vegetarians will live longer, British study finds

Many of us already know that a vegetarian diet is healthier in the long run, and that we should really keep off the meat as much as we can to keep the old ticker going for more years. But many...more


We want to work here: Seattle's Bullitt Center said to be greenest office building in the world

If someone asked us, we wouldn't say no to working in an office made from completely clean materials and that is 100% solar-powered. We might take a while to get over the composting toilets, but hey, there had to...more

Fashion & accessories

PETA Fashion Awards 2013 winners announced: Stella McCartney, Vivienne Westwood and Topshop among winners commended for their animal-free fashion

Consumers are becoming more aware and concerned about the origins of the products in their wardrobe, and fake fur, cruelty-free fabrics and pleather are fast becoming the more

Animal welfare

EU set to ban cosmetics tested on animals from March 2013

What great news to take with us into the weekend. From 11 March all sales of cosmetics that have been tested on animals will be banned in the European Union. This means that anyone who wants to sell cosmetics -...more


Comic Relief brings Red Nose Day 2013 ads to life with augmented reality

We could all use some more fun and laughter in our lives from time to time; this year Comic Relief are bringing its Red Nose Day 2013 advertising to life with augmented reality (AR) technology. Having enlisted the help of...more


Stella McCartney unveils t-shirt designs for Red Nose Day

Stella McCartney's t-shirt designs for this year's Red Nose Day have been unveiled. Reprising her role from 2009, McCartney has given Kate Moss, Marilyn Monroe, The Beatles and Tommy Cooper a red-nosed makeover this year in order to raise...more

Animal welfare

WWF launches world first conservation mobile network WWF Wildlife Mobile

Today sees the launch of the first mobile network that also helps with conservation, WWF Wildlife Mobile. The new mobile network will enable people in the UK with a passion for the environment and wildlife to generate funds for...more

Green News

Cats: fluffy and cute but also an enormous threat to biodiversity

Cat lovers in New Zealand - and the good cat obsessed people of the interwebz - joined forces to make fun New Zealander Gareth Morgan's campaign to ban cats on the island. His reason: cats are ruthless killers and...more

Animal welfare

Distressing photo of the week: Terrified Iranian space monkey

This photo of a terrified little monkey has been doing the rounds on Twitter and the web since it was first broadcasted on Iran's Press TV yesterday. It shows a poor little monkey all buckled up, his head restrained in...more

Arts & information

Swedish artist Michael Johansson uses reclaimed objects to create real life Tetris

How cool is this project by Swedish artist Michael Johansson?! Using discarded objects like old washing machines, shelves, cars, computers and anything else he comes acrossmore

Vegetarian and Vegan living

Why we should stop eating meat on Mondays

Many meat eaters will tell you that they could never give up meat, not even for a day, not even for the animals that are treated horribly in order to end up on a plate near you and me. But...more


ECOntainer bridge offers new life to old shipping containers

Ever thought about what you can use old shipping containers for? Here's one idea: build a bridge. The ECOntainer Bridge by Yoav Messer Architects will see a 160 meter long bridge made from old shipping containers create a centre...more

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