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Animal welfare

Helen Flanagan campaigns for PETA's Xmas anti-fur campaign

Helen Flanagan swapped Corrie for Covent Garden cobbles as she became Miss Santa in the latest campaign against animal cruelty. The former Coronation Street star and I'm a Celebrity contestant wore a costume without the traditional white trim to promote...more

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Transport & travel

Hippyshopper reviews Smart e-bike - a mere snip at £2495

Name: Smart e-bike Type: Electric bike  Specifications: Click here for full specs Price as reviewed: £2495 I love cycling, but living in a particularly hilly part of North London I'm not really inclined to take the bike out on long rides,...more

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Animal welfare

Owain Yeoman and Leona Lewis support Cruelty Free Campaign for International Rabbit Day!

The Mentalist star Owain Yeoman (above) and singer Leona Lewis are showing bunnies some love this International Rabbit Day (yes there really is such a thing). They are supporting Humane Society International's Be Cruelty-Free campaign to put an end to...more

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Green gadgets

Apple working on solar power for future iPhones

Solar powered concept phones have been around for a while now, Nokia did some interesting work in this area a few years back and again more recently there is a strong selection of solar powered chargers for iPhones and other...more

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Happy Birthday National Recycle Week - turns 10 Next Week

Next week (17-23 June 2013) sees the 10th Anniversary of National Recycle Week (organised by WRAP) using the theme of 'recycling at home and away'. The UK has become more adept at recycling over the last 25 years but there...more

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Shows & events

Eco Technology Show arrives in Brighton

The Eco Technology Show 2013 opens in Brighton this Friday 14 and Saturday 15 June. Over 120 exhibits have confirmed including an ultra modern transport collection and the latest in environmentally friendly products from eco-stoves to waterless urinals. Features of...more

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How to avoid growing bored of wearing recycled clothes

Writer Janina Mathewson explains the rules of wearing something that has been loved before, and how a girl on a budget can avoid growing weary of the nearly new... Sometimes in our lives we find it hard to stretch to...more

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Water saving

Opinion: Why grey water systems can help save the environment

Would you flush your toilet with Evian? You're probably laughing at the thought, but the fact is, most bottled water is no better than repackaged tap water. Every time you waste water, you're wasting a lot more than you think. The...more

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Animal welfare

Spice Girl Melanie C Speaks Out Against Cosmetics Animal Testing in Be Cruelty video

Spice girl Melanie C shows her compassion for animals in a new Be Cruelty-Free video calling for a global end to animal testing for cosmetics. Although testing cosmetics on rabbits, mice and other animals is banned across the European...more

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Green News

Green death: Why eco burials are on the rise

It's perhaps not a subject we want to think too much about, but it seems more of us are deciding to reduce our carbon footprint when we die as well as well as during our lifetime. Natural, or eco, burials...more

Transport & travel

Are electric bikes the future of transport? We test out A2B's £1450 Galvani e-bike

In other parts of the world, Electric Bikes (e-bikes) are hugely popular. In 2013 sales are expected to reach 2 million with Germany and Japan leading the way with around 1 million units between them. Yet in the UK very few...more

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Green gadgets

WWF Wildlife Mobile offers 60 minutes of free calls to mark Earth Hour

This Saturday March 23rd at 8.30pm marks Earth Hour when people are supposed to switch off their lights to show, albeit symbolically, how much we need to protect the planet, but carry on using our mobile phones of course! (for...more

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Animal welfare

Topshop supports PETA to 'keep wildlife out of your wardrobe'

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and fashion retailer Topshop have teamed up to draw attention to the treatment of exotic animals killed for their skins. The high street store has created a display at its flagship Oxford...more

Animal welfare

EU finally bans ALL animal testing for cosmetics. BUAV enlists Leona Lewis for global campaign

Anti-vivisection group BUAV is celebrating victory after years of campaigning against animal testing as the EU finally banned the use of animals for testing cosmetic products yesterday. The ban applies to all new cosmetics and their ingredients sold in...more

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Animal welfare

As Walkers adds real meat to crisps are any of them suitable for vegetarians?

In a post that appeared on Facebook over the weekend, but which now seems to have disappeared, Walkers crisps confirmed they can no longer guarantee ANY of their crisps will be suitable for vegetarians. At the end of last month...more

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